Setup ERP

Enable ERP Inventory

Enable ERP inventory at My Account page under Account Information → Settings to track materials’ stocks and handle their consumption at each customer site or store locations. Additionaly, turn on multi warehouse feature at My Account page under Account Information → Portal Profile to manage stock in each locations or warehouses individually. Create as many portal (store or site) users under Admin → User Management. Now choose the items/materials and assign to specific store or site.

Field service

Store or site inventory

Store or site manager can add and restock materials received from supplier and store-to-store or site-to-site transfer via customer Portal. Upload the relavent documents such as POs, invoices, receipts, images and more for the complete work orders.


Record each consumption

Consumptions and usages for each material are recorded to avoid store or site mishandling.


Request for more materials to management

Add materials that are low and in need. Submit for management approval.


New orders pending approval

New orders received by management for review and approval. Once reviewed and updated, an email sent to approver. PO will be generated once approved. Once the PO is created, work order can't be altered or removed from Portal. Supplier sends the materials directly to store or site and the inventory gets updated upon arrival.


Usages information

Usages of each material are outlined with details such as reason of consumption or restock or new supply, quantity, location and time