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ULTimate Order Processing System

Online Order plus Inventory and Resource
3-in-1 Management Software for all businesses.

Customize your product/service; why settle for off the shelf inventory management solutions. ULTops is made as a universal inventory management platform and sales assistant tool for every business.

Order Management

ULTops enables your sales team to create estimates and orders in a few clicks.

Inventory Management

Offering a two for one functionality: while inputting orders, existing inventory is seamlessly updated.

Resource Management

Schedule and track resources dedicated to responding work orders for the materials.

Customer Portal

Placing orders from your store front or retail shop easily with Customer Portal access.

Product Catalog

Keep track of all parts/raw materials you have on hand and number of products manufactured.

Reporting & Analytics

Get a full picture of your sales and products in a click of a button as a PDF or into an excel spreadsheet.

Accounting Integration

Easily import and export data from ULTops to QuickBooks.

Shipping and Fulfillment

ULTops allows you track your orders from beginning to end.

You use more than one product/material to make a finished unit. For simplified ordering ULTops allows you to create a product group/bill of material, eliminating the need to input each product/material separately. ULTops then manages your inventory. Unlike other traditional inventory solutions which just take the orders, ULTops does three things: one it alerts you in advance of stock that has reached the low threshold, and notifies you real time at the time of the order how many finished units you can deliver based on current material inventory. Plus it creates a scheduling events for the material resources needed for the order to complete before delivery date.

Pillars of ULTops



  • Create estimates in just a click!
  • Create the order, add your products/parts to each order and ULTops applies pricing logic based on a customer basis.
  • Estimates and quotes are flagged, and on customer approval can easily be converted to a sales order.
  • Track the amount of orders and the delivery of the orders
  • Past due orders are alerted on dashboard and by email



  • While inputting orders, existing inventory is seamlessly synced to flag your sales team, in real time, of availability.
  • ULTops can configure a "threshold" that lets you know when your inventory is getting low thus time to restock and eliminate back logs.
  • Alerts low stock products/materials
  • Creates Purchase Orders for low stock and notify Vendors via email
  • Reduces risk of going "out of stock"



  • With Scheduling, you can allot resources (equipment, technicians) dedicated to corresponding work orders to spend their time on activities.
  • Track the status of the resources with maintenance schedules.
  • It gives global visibility of the resource's location and usage.
  • It minimizes unnecessary resource errors or repairs caused by irregular schedules.



  • With Portal access, your customers can place orders online from store front and or at retail shop.
  • Customer Portal is on-duty 24 hours a day, every day. Even when you're not available, your customers can access the information online.
  • It builds stronger relationships by giving customers real-time access to products and items empowers them to make their operations more successful.



  • ULTops displays orders ready to be shipped and picked up
  • Supports various barcodes format QR, code93, code128, PDF 417...
  • Retrives products by barcode search or input
  • Provides required documents to complete orders



  • Customization of products & parts is unlimited
  • Keep track of the products in store and the products being manufactured with real time updates.
  • Product items can be imported from spreadsheet for ease entry



  • Creates unique and customizable reports and summaries for orders, products (assembly) and items (parts/Raw Materials)
  • Lessen the workload and complete everything automatically with simple Export button to spreadsheet or to PDF



  • ULTops order to QuickBooks invoice, plus import and export data between ULTops and QuickBooks are just a click away
  • Keep your accounting records up to date in real time
  • Measure your growth both with ULTops and QuickBooks together